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GST- Compilation of Ruling by AAAR Rajasthan

Below is the compilation of Rulings by AAAR Rajasthan. The Compilation provides the subject of the Ruling along with the Date of Ruling. Link to Download has also been given alongwith the Ruling. Case: JVS Foods Pvt. Ltd dated: 01.04.2020 Query: Appeal by the party is rejected.Fortified Rice Kernels (FRK) manufactured by the appellant do not have essential character of natural Rice and also does ...

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Compilation of GST Cases of AAR/AAAR/High Court posted at GST-Online.com from #GSTCase-1 to #GSTCase-175

This is a Compilation of Judgement of AAR/AAAR/High Court posted on our website from #GSTCase-1 to #GSTCase-175 in a PDF Downlodable version. The Compilation consists of brief about Subject of Judgement, Relevant Section/HSN covered in Judgement and Link to Relevant Post on our Website. We hope that this effort of us would be beneficial for all our readers. Compilation of GST Cases of AAR/AAAR/High Court ...

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#GSTCase-123- Gist of AAR/AAAR Decisions on Taxability of Printing Contracts in HSN9989

1. Facts  Appellant prints the content provided by the recipient on the base of PVC, paper, etc., where it provides both printing ink and base material. The content that is printed on base material is owned by customers of Appellant only and Appellant has no right of usage on content. Few samples of their products, for example, advertising materials for “Hero Glamour” motorbikes, “Hyundai Venue” ...

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