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Submission of my Comments on proposed Payment Process in GST on,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNEZ9DE9_KCI-RcmnRS5MrlVPPSxXA&ust=1475728635698668
Submission of my Comments on proposed Payment Process in GST on
Few Extract of the submission is as follows and for details please click on the link below:
No provision for Challan Correction if tax has been deposited wrongly in some others persons GST Registration Number:
There can be genuine error by the taxpayer in depositing amount in wrong GSTIN and to provide that there is no need for providing an error correction mechanism as Chartered Accountant or the authorized representative is acting as an agent of the assessee and he would be responsible to the principal is erroneous to say the least. This is the most irrational and erroneous reason for not providing mechanism to correct challan deposited in wrong GSTIN
How the government can just shed themselves away from the responsibility of saving the interest of genuine taxpayer when a genuine error has been made by the taxpayer or his authorized representative. Government cannot claim benefit of the genuine fault of the assessee and make the dealer to whose account the amount has been credited to take away the hard earned money of the taxpayer. The genuine taxpayer is left in a helpless condition wherein he cannot do anything on his own and government does not want to do anything for the taxpayer.
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