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10 Important Validation- Key Points to be taken care of while uploading details of items of goods or services for generation of E-Invoice

Serial number of the item can be only numeric & is verified for duplicate values.

Each item needs to have valid HSN code with at least 4 digits. HSN Code should be valid as per the GST master.

If Is_Service is selected, then the HSN codes must belong to services.

Each item should have valid Unit Quantity Code (UQC) as per the master codes, in case of goods.

Quantity and Unit Quantity Code are mandatory for Goods and optional for Services.

Tax rates are being validated. Only the allowed tax rates will be accepted for all types of document including Credit Note and Debit Note. In case of intra-state transaction, the sum of SGST and CGST tax rates should be entered as GST Rate.

In case of inter-state transaction, the IGST tax rate and value has to be passed.

In case of export transaction, IGST tax rate and value has to be passed.

In case the Recipient is SEZ unit, then IGST tax rate and value has to be passed irrespective of state of the Recipient. Maximum number of items in each invoice should not exceed more than 1000 items and a minimum of 1 item should be available.